Other Services

Pet care consultation: £15 for a 60 minute consultation.

Consultations are tailored to your queries and needs for any pet species. These can include advice on nutrition, training and behaviour.

Disclaimer: We have no brand or company loyalty, so all advice is impartial and honest. For all queries regarding health conditions and medication, please speak to a veterinary professional.

House sitting: £10 for a 30 minute visit, £39 for 24 hours.

We offer a discreet house sitting service to keep your home safe whilst you are away. We do not wear branded uniforms in order to avoid advertising that you aren’t home. We can provide various services to offer you peace of mind whilst you are away, such as: opening the curtains, collecting your post, bringing in the bins and watering your plants.

We offer all day pet and house siting in London and Surrey, however a £15 surcharge will incur to cover travel costs. Send us an email to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.